Tips on How to Apply the Bad Boy Approach to Dating

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Are you somehow frustrated about your ability to date and hook up with women you like? If you are, it is high time you assess yourself and classify if you are a ‘nice guy’ or a ‘bad guy.’ In the dating scene, it is not at all bad to be ‘bad.’ In fact, bad boys are considered winners in the dating game. You do not need to absorb and apply dating routines and approaches of aggressive alpha males. But you could use to your advantage the perks of being a bad boy.

There is a long-standing misconception about being a bad boy. To be one, you need not seek and get into troubles. By just being confident, independent, adventurous, careless, wild and free-spirited, you could easily become one and instantly enjoy winning in the dating game. Being bad boy commands so much balance in behavior. Here are some guidelines on how you could adopt a bad boy stance and image so you could always succeed in hooking up with women.

Learn to Set Your Very Own Dating Rules

Bad boys naturally take their rough and firm stance from the rejection and prejudice of the society. Bad boys do not usually meet the standards set by the norms and the society for being an ideal or good boy. Consequently, bad boys tend to set their own rules, which most women find sexy. Bad boys exhibit strong survival skills and superiority. To be the effective bad boy in dating, always be in control, resist giving in to demands of women and take the dominating role. Most women love to be dominated by their stronger, confident and reliable men.

Strive to Be Real No Matter What

Before proceeding to be a bad boy, settle your inner issues and accept yourself for who you are. You sure have flaws, inabilities and unlikely features. To be a real bad boy, just be real. There is no need to put up a front. You do not need to be artificially sweet to please a woman. It could only make her throw up in time. You do not need to be insecure about your scars, your warts and your being a stutterer. Do you think you are not that smart? Bad boys are confident about themselves, thinking as if they are smartest guys in town when in truth there are many good guys far brighter than they are. The funny thing is that bad boys carry themselves well, to the delight of seeking women.

Assume the ‘Protector’ Role

Of course, women will always want to feel totally safe and secure when you are around. That means you should be able to give her an impression that you are a strong wall to protect her from all troubles. You should be able to get into brawls with other men just to protect her. Maximum tolerance should be practiced, but you should limit boundaries so you know the perfect timing to get into fights just to protect your date. Bad boys also know how to stand by what they believe are right. Such men are strong, reliable and undeniably sexy to the eyes of most women.

Be Confident in Handling Any Situation

Dating is an opportunity to impress women. To score more points, be confident and effective in making tough decisions, especially when such decisions involve her. Take action independently and act in your own initiative. Bad boys like to decide on their own, without consulting their women. Some women, on the other hand, may not like the idea; but there are more of them who find thrills in it. To be perfectly attractive, act like a bad boy, especially in exuding capability, strong decision and confidence. It may not be sexy asking the opinion of a woman especially on decisions involving dates. Always take control.

Be Brave in Facing Unlikely Consequences of Your Actions

Bad boys are afraid of nothing, even rejections. If you want to truly impress your woman, be responsible and accountable for all your actions. There is no need to fret about what other people will say. Bad boys do not care much about what other people will say. Show your woman that you are always firm in standing by your actions and decisions. Try not to be too emotionally timid, overly anxious and cautious so you could exhibit some sense of sensitivity and emotions, which will further boost your sexiness, in the eyes of women.

Bad boys walk the walk and talk the talk. If you are not sure you could do being a bad boy well, just be yourself and defy the norms, just to stand on your opinions and beliefs. This way, you could be the bad boy you are trying to be. To win in the dating game, remember some words: courage, confidence, independence and adventure. Do not be afraid to lose and be rejected, but always be ready to move on and find other women to date, if initiatives fail.

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How Bad Boys Attract Women

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When it comes to dating, bad boys stand out because they are almost always able to lure more women. You could learn so much from bad boys’ approach to dating. If you want to make women swoon over you instead of rejecting your invitations, then, you should know by heart and apply several bad boy techniques when attracting women.

You could start by adopting the bad boy look. When you say looks, it does not mean fashion, though bad boys typically wear rugged, tough and rock-star outfits. To attain the natural bad boy look, there is a need to set the mood. Condition yourself to be tough, serious and furious to imbibe that natural bad boy look. It should exude from within. Here are some other effective guidelines you could try out if you want to attract and date more women, the bad boy style.

Do Not In Any Way Try to Impress Her

Nice guys almost always fail because they think impressing women is the key to dating (and getting laid). Learn from the failures of good guys. They think that by impressing women, they could likely please them. The usual results: nice guys fall nervous, get self conscious, feel tensed, stutter and exhibit stilted behavior, which all could instantly turn any normal woman away. If you want to take the bad boy approach, just be calm, relaxed and laid back. It could be effective if you condition your mind to not think about impressing any woman. Instead, set your mind to expect women to impress you.

Do Not Give Her the Chance to Test You

In general, women conduct character tests without directly stating so. They may subject you to such tests to determine your level of composure, drive and dominance. Usually, such tests are done by challenging you, playing hard to get, requesting special actions to please her or changing plans without notice. Such actions will surely annoy you. If you react violently and unlikely, you could possibly fail the test. How to win this one? First, do not give her the idea or hint that you are aware of her tactics. Then, deal with all her tests accordingly. Do not give in to her requests and stick to your decisions no matter what. This way, you will exhibit a firm and confident attitude that will certainly make her realize that you are the guy she should know better.

Be A Master Kisser

The art of kissing is somehow mastered by bad boys. It could be their sense of confidence or just their plain wild, adventurous personality. Nice guys tremble when kissing women on dates, especially if they hardly know each other. In general, bad boys kiss very well, even on first dates. How do you make the kissing scene romantic and overly exciting? Start by doing a little flirting action. Touch her hair and utter simple compliments. If she smiles and seems not to turn away from you, continue stroking her hair, this time, looking down to her lips and then her eyes. If she does not resist, attack—go and kiss her. Be comfortable and passionate in doing so. Who knows, one thing might lead to another and it could be one of your lucky nights.

Try to be Comfortable at All Times

Bad boys do not run intimidated. If you want to make good at it, always feel comfortable with yourself, with your date and with everything around you. Establish eye contact and never let go of it. Nice guys almost always find it hard to keep the rapport especially when they feel somehow intimidated. As a bad boy, be different and bold. Remember: you need not feel afraid or intimidated by anything.

Make Your Date Drool with Anticipation

To accelerate your attraction approach, try to build a level of anticipation. This could be a little tricky but it is fun and surely effective, you will be surprised how you could manipulate her and make her aggressive. As you kiss, hold hands or be intimate, stop without warning and lean back. She will be intrigued and surprised. By the time it shows in her face, resume what you are doing; only this time make it more passionate and intense. Do several repetitions until you observe she exhibits a sexual tension, more of anticipating for an explosive intimacy.

Play a little and Make her Exude Her Animalistic Responses

Bad boys are afraid of nothing. You should care less about what other people will say or think. As you go out on a date, start flirting by becoming more touchy. If she does not resist, go a little high notch. Smell her shoulders, then move up to her neck. At the same time, run your hand gently up the back of her hair, to the neck. Tell her how she turns you on. In no time, expect her to bring out the animal in her. If you are so lucky, you could cap your romantic date in bed. Expect her to initiate calling you and inviting you to dates. Bad boys are just so lucky.

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How to Develop a Bad Boy Personality

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Bad boys are disliked by parents who want the best men for their daughters. The society in general has higher regards for nice guys than bad boys. But why is it that when it comes to dating, bad guys get more leverage and do better compared to good guys? Interestingly, more women are attracted to bad boys more than they could be attracted to nice guys.

Experts could only have one simple explanation. Women like bad guys more because they want challenges. Nice guys are so pleasant they will almost always make lives easier for their women. In contrast, many women dislike the idea. Being empowered that they are, many women want to enjoy the sense of self actualization they get from taking the challenges posed by bad guys.

In terms of excitement, bad guys seem to always have the greater advantage. They are intriguing enough to keep the interest of any woman. They are unpredictable, making every date surprising and full of unexpected occurrences. Moreover, bad guys are also seen as more fun and adventurous, thus many women find them totally not boring, compared to the typical nice guys.

If you classify yourself as among those nice guys, you should strive and aim to develop the bad boy personality in you. You do not need to be delinquent and set aside your values to do so. You want to win more dates and get more women to admire you? Here are some practical measures you should do:

Pull out a Fashion Makeover

Bad boys have that animalistic appeal. It begins on the way they look. There is no such thing as bad boy fashion, but you could observe the kind of attitude bad guys wear that make them look alluring and irresistible to women. Mess up that hair a little bit. Try not to shave for a few days. Go out on jeans instead of formal pants and wear shirts that will accentuate your masculine shape and muscles.

Nice guys’ fashion is easy and pleasing to the eyes. But in comparison, bad boys’ fashion gets more animalistic responses from women. The rugged look, worn with so much attitude and confidence will work wonders if you want to develop a bad boy personality.

Develop A Sense of Independence

If you have a set of beliefs, be firm on standing by them. You should not care about who your beliefs and actions might upset or about reactions you might attain. Remember that women will take you for who you actually are. Do not feel insecure or unconfident.

In contrast, independence is shed off by nice guys, who almost always seem to agree about things everybody says. Nice guys tend to lose themselves by acting in consideration with what people might say, feel or do. Women like their men firm and principled.

Try to Be as Spontaneous as Possible

Bad boys are naturally spontaneous. They tend to do exactly what they want, whenever, wherever. What is important to bad guys is that they have fun and they enjoy the moment. They go out without plans and could take any woman with them. What is surprising is that there are more women who like to be a part of such unplanned and spontaneous activities of bad boys. In this way, women assert that bad guys do not become boring and they tend not to be predictable, giving a sense of excitement, thrill and adventure.

Employ Disconnectors In Conversations

It will not be hard shifting from being a complacent nice guy into being an independent bad boy. But you could also start setting the mood by watching the way you carry conversations with women. Shed off your quiet and sensitive personality by applying disconnectors, statements that intentionally disagree with conversation flow. Do not hesitate to disagree with women, who will almost always find it interesting to converse with a man with a different opinion.

Turn Into A Snob

You may have been nice and pleasant all your life. If you usually smile to everyone when you go out, this time, try to act as if you do not know people. Women like snobbish bad guys, who to them look challenging, mysterious and hard to please. You do not need to be Mr. Personality when with a woman. By being a little rude, you are surely getting her attention and interest.

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Four Tips That Will Turn You Into a Bad Boy That Women Desire!

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One of the most puzzling phenomena of relationships is the undeniable fact that though women are looking for good guys to settle down with, they have this desire to live life on the danger zone and explore a relationship with men they perceive as bad guys!

As incongruous as it seems, men should take full advantage of this irony and put it to good use to their advantage in order to get more than their fair share of booty in the dating game! Just open your eyes and you will see several examples of that validate the theory that women always fall for the men who are bad guys!

One thing you should realize is that it is not simply being bad to for the sake of being bad but more like projecting a bad (read dangerous, exciting, thrilling, confident and adventurous) personality and lifestyle that can spellbind women and make them passionate with desire.

You don’t necessarily have to dress up and look like Indiana Jones or live the daredevil life of Dominic Toretto but you can successfully project and develop the ultimate bad boy image if you follow these four simple tips.

Always Carry Yourself in a Relaxed and Confident Manner, Do Not Loose Your Cool!

It’s all about how you carry and project yourself in front of others. It’s very similar to being on stage. Your success depends on how well you can project the attitude and personality of the cool bad boy that attract tons of women.

To put it briefly, bad boys are always relaxed, confident and cool no matter what kind of situation they are in—they are always in control and never allow themselves to fall to pieces simply because things did not work out as planned.

Bad Guys Never Allow Themselves to be Tested by Women, They Are the Ones Who Test Women!

It is not without reason that women have a partiality to test men every chance they get. They do this to determine how far they can go in manipulating men and to establish control.

Bad boys never allow themselves to be manipulated or controlled by women. For you to be successful as a bad boy, you have to ignore all attempts of any woman to put you to the test. You simply ignore her tricks or call her out on what she’s trying to do!

Bad boys do not brown nose or fall head over heels over women! You do everything and anything for them because you want to, not because they tell you to!

In fact, you are supposed to be the one to test women to find out if they meet your standards—and you tell them so!

Act Like Hooking Up Is The Least of Your Concerns. Not!

Women are aware that men are always on the lookout for women they can hook up with. This knowledge gives them ample warning and defense to size up any man they meet or encounter especially in bars and nightclubs on weekends!

Well, this time around it’s your chance to turn the tables on women who are expecting this! Enjoy meeting women, have fun talking to them, tease and flirt them all you want but never hit on them or try to hook up!

Just enjoy their company and act like you don’t care whether she goes home with you or not for the evening! This way, you are literally separating yourself from other men because of your I-couldn’t-care-less attitude! As a result, she’ll be the one who’ll put in the efforts into chasing you because of your seeming display of disinterest!

Your Life is Full of Adventure, Excitement and Challenges!

Women get very excited by men who live adventurous and challenging lives! Something about the inherent buzz of taking risks and living adventurously make women fall for men who live this kind of adrenaline-laced lifestyle—a thrill they cannot achieve in their 9 to 5 job!

Excitement does not necessarily mean you have to live dangerously, substitute interesting for dangerous and you’ve got a whole range of options to choose from to make you stand out from the rest! You can decide on learning how to tune up cars, take up airsoft, or simply take long road trips on weekends to exotic destinations to sample their food and spend time with nature!

The secret is in making it appear that you have all you want in an exciting life and that if she wants to, she can be part of your life not the other way around!

So you see, adopting the bad guy attitude does not necessarily entail being bad in the real term of the word, all it means is being confident, cool, in control and knowing how to handle challenges in order to succeed!

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Becoming a Social Magnet by Having Fun

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If you tend to think that your friends who act silly and seem immature are annoying and loud, then you could benefit from the advice given here.

If you enjoy sensible, adult, clever conversation and are logical and a clear thinker, then it is highly likely that you would be intensely irritated by the seemingly juvenile antics of others around you.

It is Normal to Have Both A Serious and A Quirky Side of Our Personality, so Make Sure You Let Both Sides Grow And Show.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you ought to give yourself a break and try letting the inner child out now and again. Being tuned into the lighter side of your inner creature when going out to have fun or party for the night can be liberating to someone who is mostly sensible and ‘grown-up’.

Believe it or not, these two types of behavior are not mutually exclusive and can both come into play from the same person at different times. They are simply different aspects of your personality.

‘Letting your hair down’ and lightening up can have an extraordinary effect on your social interactions and will lead you to being perceived as being more fun and less stuffy, thus generating even more opportunities to join in and have fun, thus supercharging your social value.

Letting Your Hair Down and ALLOWING YOURSELF TO HAVE EVEN JUST A LITTLE FUN IN SOCIAL SETTINGS would Bring You More Friends In The Long Run.

People naturally gravitate towards those who are ‘fun’ so make an effort to let the fun side of your inner creature show to increase your social value.

Practice the following tips to give your lighter side a chance to glow – the rewards in increasing your social prowess will become obvious very quickly…

You can Easily Upsize Your Attractiveness In Society by Increasing Your Sense of Humor and INCLINATION FOR FUN.

If you are naturally one of life’s jokers and always telling jokes and making your friends laugh, then you already know that joking around and being playful makes people laugh, and want to be with you more.

It’s time for you to realize that being fun and showing humor is a very magnetic and sexy attribute. Especially if you add a little sizzle to your banter with some carefully selected trigger words used in an entirely innocent way.

Including TRIGGER WORDS Into Your Daily Conversations with people would Increase Your Likeability and Chance To Know People On A Deeper Level.

Here is an example. You have introduced yourself to the gorgeous woman who is handing out finger food. You can just pop one of those big black olives she just gave you into your mouth and murmur, “Hmmm… I love something juicy to suck” while staring deep into her eyes.

Follow this with a sincere smile, and say something like “Maybe we can speak later when you are free?” Her subconscious mind will remember you with a certain ‘frisson’ even if her conscious mind does not know it.

Originality, Confidence, and Preparedness Equal To MAXIMUM RETURNS In Terms of New and Interested Social Contacts.

There is nothing so powerful as words. You need to exercise that part of your brain which controls words and come up with some really inviting, humorous, and sexy trigger words to slip in to your light hearted banter whenever you are practicing your social skills. But remember to maintain the air of confidence we discussed in an earlier article.

If you can come up with something which is funny as well as sassy then all the better. Make a list of words, put them into sentences you can use, and then either memorize them or keep the list in your pocket.

To become a master at social skills and increase your prowess to the maximum, you must develop your own style and method of applying these subtle yet hyper-effective techniques.

Everyone has a Fun Side; so Let Yours Go Far and Free by Saying What You Want To Say in The MOST QUIRKY Manner.

Just rely on the ‘inner you’ and give it some freedom. You need to get in touch with the fun side which may be buried deep inside you and to show the rest of the world that you are not stuffy and dull.

You don’t need to follow any formulas – just let yourself be your true self. And if you are normally a very reserved person, then even making a humorous observation will grab the attention of those around you and notice you for your quick wit.

Make Sure that What You Do COMES NATURALLY FROM WHAT YOU ARE, and the People will Naturally Flock To You!

If on the other hand you are generally a loud and playful person, you will probably have to be fairly ‘out there’ to make an even more fun impression on your circle of friends.

The lesson here is simple – stick to the golden rule of being yourself, but adapt a more fun outlook to social situations to watch your social prowess spring from a tiny seed to a mighty oak.

Naturally Inserting Trigger Words into Appropriate Situations is A Skill of Natural People Magnets that Anyone Could Become.

Those natural jokers we all know who are considered fun people with seemingly little effort always seem to just know fun places to hang out and are an endless source of fun things to do.

Others tend to stumble into funny or unusual situations and make the best of them, by carrying others along with the fun of it. Work on creating a funny inner creature and eventually you will be seen as a fun and charming person to be around.

You can also work on ways of saying intelligent witty things about some current event that you can slide trigger words into or make some provocative banter about.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Surprise the People who have Long Established You as A Serious Person by Making SPUR-OF-THE-MOMENT Remarks.

A good tip for creating fun situations and scenarios is to deviate from your usual behaviour. If you would normally never crack a joke to a waiter, then make an effort to be a little more impulsive and spur-of-the-moment in your interactions.

This can lead you and your friends into really fun areas and will make you memorable as having a fun side as well as a clever and articulate side. Naturally, this goes a long way to elevate your social value in the eyes of your friends.

Every Don Juan or Casanova WORTH HIS SALT knows that Having Fun and Being An Honest Flatterer is Enough To Attract Anyone.

Many people get used to living life the way they are and the way they feel most of the time. If they are shy and reserved, then that seems the norm to then, and anything louder or more fun may seem way too ‘over-the-top’ for their taste.

People who are considered to be good fun are often able to help others to see the fun side of a situation that normally because of their reserved attitude they may otherwise miss.

Throw yourself into having a good time, and remember to use sincere honest flattery and compliments when you are chatting to someone you would like to get to know better.

Hopeful Don Juans or Casanovas Who Wish To Compliment Others should Learn To Avoid Certain Taboos and to Include Trigger Words For Success.

A genuine spontaneous compliment is a natural and honest way to stroke someone’s ego, but make sure you are being sincere and never comment on what a great body they have. You are straying into awkward territory if you go there and it could have entirely the opposite effect. Compliment them on their style, their hair, their scent or a particular item or accessory they are wearing. Slip in a trigger word for maximum effect.

Knowing how to Tease Oneself and Influencing Others using One’s Zeal are Powerful Ingredients for Brewing Social Success.

Another technique guaranteed to lighten the mood is to poke a little gentle fun at yourself; this can have the instant effect of making other people feel good even about subjects that are usually taboo in general conversation. It will also have them think that you are not too ‘high and mighty’ and are a genuinely humble person.

Yet another type of fun inducing character is boundlessly passionate about something, and manages to carry the whole group along with their own brand of contagious humour and excitement. You probably know someone like this who manages to talk the whole group into going for a Chinese meal when half of them say they don’t much care for Chinese cuisine.

So let your hair down and show your passion for life – it is almost guaranteed to increase your social worth in the eyes of others.

Knowing the Limitations of Having Fun will Keep Them From Backfiring At You, the exact opposite of What You Want To Achieve!

We’ve all heard it said that a little child lurks inside every man. Sometimes it is good fun to be immature and juvenile. This is fairly easy to do if you are around people you know well, who also reveal their childish side to you from time to time.

Try to suspend disbelief and leave your serious adult at home sometimes, laugh along with the others at foolish antics you would normally frown upon, and join in with the inane fun.

Others seem to have a natural ability to be funny in a clever way; with just the lift of an eyebrow, they can have the whole table in hysterics.

Steer away from making jokes about other people behind their back, and don’t be overly critical of the targets of your jokes, or you may be perceived as being a ‘nasty’ type of person who is intolerant of other people’s flaws.

There is Only One Way to Bring Your Social Worth To Zero, and that is to Make Yourself Unavailable At All Times.

If you have had a long hard week and are really stressed out, and all you want to do is to go out and have some simple fun with the guys, there is nothing more irritating than hanging around with someone who never wants to do anything that anyone suggests.

Refusing invites to go some place or do something new simply because you don’t feel like it will result in invites stopping completely, and you will be branded as ‘funless’ by your friends.

There is no miracle in making people attracted to you or want to know you better. You already have all the attributes you need to accomplish this buried deep inside of you.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time about worrying over what you think you have not got or what your faults are. Start spending time in following these tips to expand your social worth exponentially. You can create any type of inner creature you want, but it is essential that you do not stop opportunities for developing yourself by refusing every invite.

Allow EVENTS to TURN OUT FOR THE BETTER, for You Never Know What Opportunity Awaits You For Your Patience in Such Social Events.

Needless to say, that attitude will not add to you social value one iota. You need to be open-minded as much as possible and to go along with other people’s ideas at least some of the time.

Once you have committed to going and trying this new idea, don’t be the one to back out before the evening is over. Give the situation time to develop and you may even find yourself having more fun than you ever thought possible.

This tip is all about giving yourself the opportunity to experience new places and new things to do – you may be pleasantly surprised and your social value will have jumped because you were willing to give it a try.

Discover One Of The Best-Kept Secrets of Successful Don Juans or Casanovas to Attract Confident, Engaging, and Interesting People in Any Social Setting!

Instead of being too meticulous and fussy about what you need to have fun, force yourself to join in and to take part in whatever your friends are doing.

You may secretly think to yourself that the venue is boring, or that the people there are snobby or that there are not enough hotties to go around. If you do feel tempted to allow yourself to say any of these things, then bite your tongue and make the most of the situation.

This next tip is logical and well proven, but people do seem to overlook the well known fact that ‘like tends to attract like’. Put simply; if you appear confident, engaged, and interested in the people around you, you are likely to attract the same type of people.

Nobody likes to hear that boring person saying again and again that they think this place is too hot or too loud or that the drinks are too expensive.

Concentrate on the positives of the situation to increase your fun factor and to increase the value of your social worth in your friend’s eyes. Not everything in life is perfect, so don’t expect it to be – and have fun anyway.

TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO HAVE FUN and Be Known As A Fun Person To Be With, and you’ll instantly Make People Flock To You.

We all know someone like this. They are content to sit back and wait for other people to provide the laughs and amusement. It might be that they are just shy, but they may also simply not be taking the time or effort to participate. Don’t let yourself slip into this category if you want to see your social worth rise.

Un-fun people like this are very common. Instead of taking the bull by the horns and throwing themselves into a situation, they rely on other people to notice their isolation and to make an effort to involve them.
If their friends get sidetracked and no one notices them, they can become offended and bitter and are very unlikely to put themselves in that position again.

So don’t stand back and wait for others to bring fun to you on a plate; get out there and be creative – initiating something fun with others will increase your social prowess and make people think of you as a fun person to be around.

If You Wish to Have A Good Public Image, Avoid Discussing Heavy, Boring, and Dragging Topics Like A PLAGUE.

Being a social downer means your social value will take a header downwards too. People who always notice and comment upon the negative side of things can become very wearing to be around, particularly if you are out partying after a hard week and just want to relax and have some fun.

Time out with your friends is usually reserved for letting go and having some fun. It is unlikely that anyone is going to want to discuss world politics or even office politics after a long and demanding week at work.

So don’t use the light fun times for heavy topics, or your social prowess will take a hit and instead of being known as ‘that fun guy’ you will be branded as ‘that boring guy’. No prizes for guessing which of these titles will enhance your social prowess.

Changing Your Public Image to Fun And Fab can Leave An Indelible Mark On All The Hot Ladies in Town.

When you have mastered the art of slipping in some sassy trigger words and paying natural and genuine compliments, this combined with your confidence and attitude will all combine to make you highly desirable both as a mate and a friend.

Once the hottest lady in the room has you targeted, this will also elevate your worth, and faster than you can imagine, you will be surrounded by hotties all competing for your attention.

In order to become this magnetic social creature you only need to work on the attributes you already have. You need to build on your natural personality and sculpt and shape it into the personality that you want to project.

After reading this, you can probably see the social value in letting your fun side out sometimes. You may even realise now that it might be easier than you ever thought.

Changing your attitude towards ’silly’ behaviour is worth it in the long term, because being known for being a fun person is priceless when it comes to social value.

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Catapult Your Social Prowess to the Max by Seeming Less Weird

April 26, 2010 in | Casanova Dating and Attraction Techniques |, | Social Proof | by Casanova System

“Madness is a rare thing in individuals but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages it is the rule.” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

Being called weird can have many different meanings, but generally in a social context it marks you out as being different from the norm. In fact, when assessing who is ‘weird’ or not depends entirely one one’s perception of what is normal.

So in a way one could assert that ‘weirdness (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder’. It all depends upon the values applied by the person offering the opinion.

Always keep in mind that WEIRDNESS IS SUBJECTIVE, and that like most things, there is POWER IN NUMBERS.

Sometimes what is considered weird behavior does not seem so strange if you exercise your empathy skills and try to put yourself in the shoes of the person who has been categorized as weird.

The fact that you are a gentleman amongst a group of louts would make your demeanor and behavior appear to be weird to the louts, so another factor of weirdness is how many other people are actually showing the same behavior.
Doing something in one society may be considered perfectly acceptable, whereas doing it in another may be taboo.

What may be CONSIDERED NORMAL for a Certain Group of People may be Outrageously Weird for another, So ACT Accordingly.

A good example of this is in the Middle East, where showing the sole of one’s foot to others when seated is considered extremely rude. The same behavior in California on the beach would be thought of as normal.

It is safe to say that odd beliefs and behaviour of those considered ‘weird’ is just another part of life’s rich interwoven fabric.

Follow these tips to ensure that your weirdness is minimized and that you appear to fit in, and watch your social value vault you into the social elite…

The Label ‘Weird’ is Founded on Psychological Assumptions and is Different For Every Society, Time, and Person Making The Judgment.

For many years there has been an ongoing discussion in psychiatry about how much social perceptions influence those who are considered ‘clinically disordered’.

Those who are afflicted with mental illness are lumped together into the group of “mentally ill” when it is rare to hear about those who are physically ill being referred to in the same way. When was the last time you read about a group of people who were ‘physically ill’?

Keep in mind that There is No Universal Description For A ‘WEIRDO’ because the Label ‘Weird’ Depends On The Speaker.

It seems fairly straightforward to assume then that mental illness and weirdness are not obvious open and shut cases. There are many variables and social norms that play their role in deciding which is which.

Sometimes the social construct of labelling someone weird is used to put distance between the person considered weird and the other person making the assessment.

Most People Deem As Weird Those Who Do Not Conform To Generally Accepted Behaviour, Rules, Habits, and Interests.

If you do not fit into the social stereotype of the current ‘norm’ in your society, then you will doubtless be categorized by some as being ‘weird’. Some people are just born weird and others become weird over time, in response to outside influences.

As an example, if in a world addicted to football you absolutely hate it, then you could be considered weird. If most people were addicted to following natural history programs on PBS and you love the same thing, then you would be perceived as perfectly normal.

So if you are called weird, or odd, peculiar or unusual, don’t worry about it. Take it in context and put it into perspective to give you some insight into why this person has made this categorization of you.

Every Casanova- or Don Juan-Wannabe should Be Aware that those Who Spend Less Time Interacting With Others In Person may also be Labelled As Weird.

There is another kind of weirdness which is a mix between you liking things others don’t like (as above) combined with your preference for your own company and you perceiving yourself as not getting along well with most people.

If you are a computer nerd, and your life is online, then you are cut off from real people and real life to a high degree and then it is highly likely that you will develop foibles and traits that are different from other people’s behaviour.

Other people who are used to interacting on a social level moderate their weirdness by sticking to social norms and etiquette that stops their behaviour from becoming anything but the socially accepted norm.

Living in a world you created yourself on your laptop will definitely make your social interaction hard, and mark you out as peculiar or unusual to those who are used to socializing.

What Seems Extremely Hilarious to A Person may be Totally Gross and Out Of Context For Another, so Choose Your Jokes Wisely.

There are as many types of humor as there are types of people, and if you know your own particular brand of humor can be slightly off, or be perceived as bizarre, then you had better make sure that you edit any jokes which you think are hilarious when presenting them to the social group you are trying to become part of.

Even though some of the group may laugh at your weird jokes, you cannot tell whether they are just being kind and humoring you, or whether they really do share your weird type of humor.

For the sake of increasing your social value, then to be on the safe side, make sure you censor any odd jokes, no matter how funny you think they are. If the group are forming negative impressions from your peculiar jokes, then that is working against you, and you need to modify the behavior to fit in.

Creating a bad impression in the minds of the social group is not a good idea and is simply not worth the occasional laugh that you may get.

There is A Fine Line that Separates Childishness from Being Youthful, and One Has To Be Careful Not To Cross It.

Several people I can think of who are socially categorized as being strange or weird all share another trait, and that is of being consistently immature. Letting your hair down and having fun occasionally is quite a different thing to behaving in an immature manner all the time.

Comedians can sometimes pull this off, but if you recognize this trait in yourself, then try to restrain it. It is unappealing to many people and the last thing you want to do is to ’shoot yourself in the foot’ and ruin your chances of fitting in socially and being considered a valuable member of a social group.

The Creed ‘When In Rome, Do As Romans Do’ Work in Social Gatherings and not just in terms of travelling or country settings.

When you are interacting as part of a group, don’t isolate yourself and do something that amuses you and not the rest of the people you are with.

You may know what you mean when you make some peculiar remark about the sound system, but the others may not be on your wavelength at all, and you could come over as being bizarre and weird.

This is one of the downsides of living in your own little world. What may seem hilarious to you will just come over as odd or strange to the rest of the group. So don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap if you want your social prowess to skyrocket.

Refrain yourself From Making Inappropriate Interjections in order to Avoid Ruining Both the Conversation and Your Established Don Juan Reputation.

If you have interests and beliefs that are outside of what is considered the norm, and you pursue those interests, then it stands to reason that your mind is going to be loaded down with weird and unusual ideas.

Those are not the sort of things which normal people are going to relate to in general conversations. For example, if you are in a group discussing Thai cuisine and you drop into the conversation that you ate rat at a street food stall and were sick for three weeks, that would not be the kind of thing others would expect to hear on the subject of Thai cooking.

It may seem perfectly suitable to you, but on some level, you will know when a piece of your unusual or peculiar knowledge is likely to surface in general chat, and you should try to contain it. Appearing weird is not conducive to elevating your social value.

Most of the time, particularly if you haven’t gone out the past few months, it is best to keep one’s mouth shut.

If you believe in something that would seem strange to the group you are with, then simply avoid mentioning it. Declaring that you believe in alien abductions and describing when you were kidnapped is not a good idea in this scenario, no matter how much you believe it.

You will come off as completely bizarre and odd and probably not be included in future social events. Not that there is anything wrong intrinsically with having different beliefs and opinions to the masses. That is entirely your prerogative. Just don’t force your opinion on things that seem obscure or offbeat down the throats of your friends.

Another possibility is that spending too much time alone has given you the time to over-think certain subjects, coming up with your own particular beliefs and ideas. These observations rarely fit in with that of the crowd so if you are thinking of saying something about one of your wacky ideas, keep it to yourself if you want to be included and raise your social status.

While It Is Good to Spend Some Time Alone every now and then, Doing So When You’re With People Is A Definite NO-NO.

Many people are loners. They are happiest in their own company, and prefer being alone. They can pursue their own thoughts, their own ideas and their own interests.

The downside is that spending too much time by yourself can make you even weirder. You have no touchstone or guidelines to follow because you are only conversing with yourself.

Many people need some alone time and there is nothing wrong with that. But make sure you don’t slip into the category of being considered a loner by looking as though you would rather be alone when in a crowd you are trying to be a part of.

Relate To People Naturally Whenever You Are OUTDOORS; remember there is Time to Be Alone and That Time Is NOT NOW!

To people who are naturally gregarious and outgoing, people who look as though they would rather be alone come over as suspicious. They simply don’t understand the need for some people to be alone, even for a short time.

So rather than explain in great detail, simply make sure that you act as a part of the group when you are out socially if you want to develop your social prowess to the max and make new friends.

All Social Gatherings REQUIRE A Certain Degree of CONFORMITY and Fitting In with The Crowd.

You may just be shy and reserved and not be used to interacting socially and are just making your first forays into the social jungle. But this can come over as being weird to others.

The general rule when with a group of people is to fit in, to assume the norm, and to become part of the group.

If they expect you to come to the opera dressed in appropriate attire and you turn up in jeans and a tee shirt, then you may be lucky and just be thought of as mildly eccentric, or you could be unfortunate and be thought of as extremely strange.

As with many other things, Practice Makes Perfect Your Art of Socialization, So Make Sure You Spend Enough Time Socializing.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, don’t give up. The more you socialize, the more you will learn all the social etiquette and ways to behave amongst social groups, which will make you fit in perfectly and even increase you social diary to the point where you cannot cram in another date.

Although it may be hard to visualize it now, after you have been immersing yourself in the social scene for a month or two, you will be comfortable in all types of social situations and not fall prey to being considered weird by anyone.

The mere fact of getting out into social situations more will tend to give you the look of social polish. How long it takes is determined by how fast you learn, and how much you want to increase your social prowess. It is a goal well worth achieving and one that is within your reach – all you have to do is put some genuine effort in to get out a stellar social life crammed with interesting people and places to go.

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Small Talk Can Make a Big Difference – Tips to Guarantee Social Success

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When advising people how to make ’small talk’ with people one has just met, there is plenty of advice around, but all of it much the same. They stress the need to maintain eye contact, to ask questions which cannot be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or to be a great listener. Although these tips are common knowledge, they are essential.

But there is more to making conversation than those. There are other not so obvious points which one needs to consider carefully when talking to new people and trying to get to know them.

Before Heading into The Fierce Social Arena, Study Yourself and Strive To Find Out just Who You Are and What You Offer.

Make sure that you do not have anything that is working against you without you even knowing it before you start a conversation. Try to take in the overview of the whole package that is ‘you’ and make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to make a fantastic first impression.

Here are some ideas to help you fine-tune the overall image of you that may help you to make an instant and lasting impact, for all the right reasons. Once you are sure you have your whole persona tied down and put together perfectly, get out there and practice to see your social reputation make you a people magnet…

You can Make Virtually All people Around You Interested In Knowing You More by WIDENING Your OWN ROSTER Of INTERESTS.

If you think about it, a person who likes lots of other people, keeps up with current affairs, and has many varied interests and a wealth of life experiences is more likely to be a great conversationalist.

Living In Your Own World will Not Help In Your Social Life—just think of How It Could Ruin Your Dating Life.

Compare this person with one who really can’t be bothered to make the effort to make friends, and who is a complete nerd, spending almost every waking minute glued to his computer playing computer games.

Who has the larger pool of information to dip into to come up with instant conversation on a broad range of subjects?

Take this to heart and keep informed. Try to broaden your interests to make yourself much more interesting to others.

Talking Naturally With People and Distinguishing Whether You Have A Deeper Motive (and what they are) are Keys To Having SMOOTH Conversations.

Sometimes chatting is just for fun, without any preset goals or aims. You are just chatting to pass the time, or to discuss something that interests you.

Other times you will have a specific aim – getting to know someone on a deeper level and making a full on effort to connect with him or her on a personal level.

But be aware of the difference. Just hanging out and joking with acquaintances is fun as well, so try not to be too wary of people, and just let the conversation flow naturally.

Every successful Casanova or Don Juan seeks to Find the Common Ground Between Himself And The Person He Likes To Know More.

When you are chatting with someone you just met, and would like to know more, an effective tip is to find something which you both feel passionate and excited about. This spark will ignite the flame of conversation without you having to put a huge amount of effort into it.

Whether the subject is the latest blockbuster movie or classic cars, once you hit on a subject you both love, the time will fly by and you will already have connected in a very meaningful way.

To Make People know you and Want to Know You Even More, You’ve Got To Learn More About More Things In General.

It just makes plain old common sense to have a wide range of knowledge about subjects which are currently ‘hot’ and subjects which the people you are going to be introduced to are more than likely going to be involved in or know about.

Being a Jack Of All Trades Type of person is a Valuable Asset In Terms of Broadening One’s Social Circle.

You don’t need to know the whole plot of the blockbuster, but knowing the celebrities who are acting in it by name will show that you are socially aware and will earn you points. When discussing the stock market, you don’t need to know all about commodities in detail, just an overall structure and perhaps whether things are generally on the up or are moving down.

The effort you put into being ‘in the know’ will more than pay you back in social points, so take some time and effort to be the one who knows. Your conversations will improve and your social standing will go supersonic.

Accept with arms wide open the Limitations Of Even The Most Conversant Don Juan or Casanova, and use them to propel you to farther goals.

Sure, the aim of a great conversationalist is to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and about anything.

But even the best conversationalist can run dry when faced with someone whose sole interest in life is the mating habits of the fruit fly, or some other obscure subject.

You will Get Better in terms of your Social Interaction Skills if you Make The Most Out of Each Horrible Situation and Learn From It.

Be realistic in your aspirations and realize that however good you are (and by now after reading these tips you are probably very good) you are not going to score a bull’s-eye each and every time.

Occasionally you are going to dry up, or feel stuck and not have one idea in your head about what to say, and that is ok, these things happen. Just accept it was not perfect and try harder to create a broader range of subjects on which you can converse.

There is no need to beat yourself up just because the occasional conversation did not go precisely as smoothly as you planned. Practice makes perfect and that is what you have to do to leverage your social prowess into overdrive.

Even Seasoned Don Juans or Casanovas Encounter Some Difficulty In Their Social Dealings Every Now And Then, so learn not to fret about such instances.

You know the feeling, you have been chatting with this person for a few minutes and already you feel like you have known them forever. This is great because it means that you have really ‘clicked’ with this person and probably because you have a great deal in common.

In contrast, we have all chatted to people who were almost impossible to engage in conversation for one reason or another, and no matter how hard we tried, it was just awkward and difficult to find any common ground at all.

Putting Yourself In The Other Person’s Shoes is One Of The HUMBLEST and yet Sure-Fire Ways of Gaining Their Empathy And Agreement.

There can be many reasons for this difficulty in communication, ranging from what they heard about you from someone else, to the values and morals that they hold compared to you.

You might even appear to have several key areas in common yet still find it hard to converse. It could be that you are both from the same small town, but one of you is the son of the Mayor and the other a daughter of a mail carrier. The social gulf between you two may become apparent as the conversation continues.

The next time this happens to you try to empathize with the other person, walk a mile in their shoes and try to imagine how they are feeling. This may guide you in what to say next and is sure to make the conversation flow more freely.

Make An Effort to Learn About the Lives, Habits, and Interests of People You Wish To Interact More With, and soon you’ll Be Doing That.

Everyone is different: some folks you will get on well with, and others you won’t. If you feel comfortable around someone and seem tuned in to the same wavelength, then conversation will probably flow smoothly.

If other types of personality make you nervous, then your aim should be to try to understand them and to get accustomed to being around them. If you are nervous speaking to executives who hold a higher position than you, then you may want to read up on what it is like to be a CEO of a company and the kinds of decisions they have to make. Understanding their responsibilities may help you to understand them.

Knowing the LATEST EVENTS Both in your Town and Beyond will Increase Your Social Worth and your knowledge as well.

Do everything you can to improve the brand called ‘you’. Add value in every way you can possibly think of, by reading at least one international newspaper per day and one of the local tabloids in your location.

To Be A Social Magnet, you’ve Got to Keep Rehearsing Your Lines Even Before You Go Out.

Watch at least the headlines on the news station to keep abreast of current events and occasionally challenge yourself to tackle people that you would normally consider ‘difficult’. The more practice you get, the better the social creature you are creating will become, meaning your social value will escalate until you become the ultimate social being who acts like a magnet to other high-calibre people.

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Top Ten Traits to Connect With the Cool Crowd

April 26, 2010 in | Casanova Dating and Attraction Techniques |, | Casanova Outer Game Tips |, | Social Proof | by Casanova System

This series of articles is to guide you towards improving your “Social Prowess” generally, which will have the pleasing by-product of attracting more women to you in the long term and generally elevating your social value.

Increasing A Person’s Social Prowess Hits Two Birds With One Stone: it Improves Scoring Chances and Enhances Life In General.

Developing your social skills and increasing your ’social desirability’ will give you added advantages, not just in scoring but also in your profession and life in general.

Being perceived by your boss as someone who has great social prowess and who is well liked by others will gain you points when opportunities for promotion arise.

By ensuring that you are generally socially connected and highly spoken of, you are increasing your social status and making your company much more desirable. It is well worth investing some time in acquiring these skills.

We all know that popular guy who has women flocking to him because he is well liked and popular. Follow these top ten tips to add that special something which women find irresistible…

Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Try Out Something New For You That Has Always Been A Staple Of The Popular.

What do the popular people in your social circle do for fun? Play golf? Practice at the Shooting Range? Support the local sports team? Belong to the Bowling Club?

Find out where those who are popular and well connected like to hang out, what their main interests and hobbies are, and consider giving them a try. You might find a lifelong passion.

If the popular crowd at your office hangs out at a specific bar after work, then join them instead of making your excuses as you usually do.

Make sure you take a stack of your business cards, with your cell phone number hand written on the back, to hand out.

Make Yourself Versatile and Your Schedule Flexible; Allow Yourself To Go With The Flow and Have Fun While At It.

If you hate last minute changes, you need to review your attitude. Even if plans change several times and it drives you crazy, you need to master your annoyance and learn to adapt and ‘go with the flow’ with a smile on your face.

Sometimes the majority opinion of the group may override your plans, but you simply have to learn to go along with it – if you want to be a part of that social group and elevate your own social worth.

Things change and not everything is under your control in a group situation, so learn to go along with changes with a smile on your face. Don’t let your irritation show and don’t hold resentment or grudges against people. Life is too short.

Loosen up and go along for the fun of it – and you never know, it may end up being more fun than the original plan you had in mind.

Get Into This New Habit by Letting Your Mind Rule Your Body, and All of Your Actions Will Follow Naturally.

You might be thinking “Yeah…right. That is easier said than done.” You don’t actually have to be confident, to look confident. This is a well known sociological fact. It is similar to smiling. If you feel ‘down’ then smile. Keep smiling. After a while, you will see that you actually do feel happier. The same rule holds true with confidence.

Just tell yourself that for this evening, you are going to act in a confident manner, no matter what. As with many other things, just practicing this will make it come naturally to you. The more you do it, the easier it is. Picture someone you know who is confident, and then ‘mirror’ or copy their moves. It will soon be a part of you.

Be In Control, Stay Confident, and Let The Whole World Witness You. Let Your Actions and Even Your Posture Attest To These.

Confident people don’t hesitate. They are decisive and sure of themselves. Once you have gotten into the role, you will find it is addictive and eventually becomes a part of your persona.

Your posture is another clue – hold your shoulders back and walk tall and look the world right in the eye. You have nothing to apologize for and much to contribute. Keeping this in your mind will help increase your confidence levels.

A word of warning – don’t allow this confidence to appear as arrogance, as that is definitely not an attribute of popular people. Stay confident but relaxed with a smile on your face, and you will be fine.

Every Casanova or Don Juan Stays Updated and Ready With Topics For Conversation, Proving To Everyone That There Is No Dull Moment With Him.

Give yourself the best chance on joining in with all topics of conversation that are brought up, not just commenting on the number of hotties in the room.

Keep ahead with current affairs no matter how much they bore you. An easy way to do this is get the CNN headlines sent to your cell phone by RSS. Make sure you are well informed on what is going on internationally, as well as in your hometown.

You can always ask questions as well as comment, thus showing that you are not too ‘high and mighty’ to admit you may not know everything about the situation being discussed.

Being Friendly, Cheerful, and Interactive Will Earn You Brownie Points with Everyone You Encounter, Thereby Expanding Your Circle and Possible Targets.

People who are silent and who don’t contribute to discussions can be perceived as being boring or snooty. Neither gains you points in social prowess. Popular people who always make an effort, will quickly notice if you are not.

Popular people have broad social networks, and are generally genial and easy-going, getting along seemingly effortlessly with most everyone from the chairman of the board to the janitor.

A simple, friendly wave of thanks and a smile to the barman, or a chirpy ‘See ya guys’ to the group at the next table marks you out as easy to get along with and friendly, both characteristics of all popular people.

Stay Alert for Every Bit Of Information You Can Gather From People’s Own Words—and Use Those To Your Advantage.

These guys you want to hang with are giving you constant clues and information that you can use to help integrate yourself within the group.

But to take advantage of this free source of unique information, you have to actually take the time and listen carefully to what is being said by whom, and remember it.

Treat this information like gold-dust – you can use it later to get in even tighter with the core of this cool crowd, but not if you don’t pay attention.

There is nothing so attractive to other people of either sex, than those people who actually do listen and seem very interested in what they are saying. Return the compliment and you will be one of them sooner than you think.

Everyone will recognize this situation. Part of the group meets someone they all know (but you don’t) and they take the time to chat and get up to date. You are not included since you don’t know this person, and are left more or less alone.

Have A Backup Plan Ready For Those Occasions When You Don’t Know A Newcomer To The Group or You’re Left All Alone.

Or you are out with a buddy who scores and leaves you alone at the bar for the rest of the night. These are familiar social situations that are more than likely to happen to you, so be prepared with these techniques for making the most out of them.

The best way to deal with this is to have a backup plan. You can’t count on being with ‘the gang’ all the time, so you need to cultivate the ability to find your own fun when required.

If your friends insist on playing poker for two hours and you are bored to tears by it, then this is a time to use your backup plan.

Use All of Your Idle Time Wisely by Practicing Your Gab On The Available Ladies Around.

Use the time to assess the room for available ladies, and practice your ice breaking conversation openers. Maybe they have a dance floor and you can pick a cutie that looks like she would be open to a dance or two?

Look on this time as the opportunity to practice the ‘gift of the gab’ and to chat to random people in the room. The more you do this, the easier it becomes and soon it is second nature and making you much more socially in demand.

Any of these options increase your social desirability and help you to perfect your people skills. They will also prevent you from looking like the saddo at the bar who has no other option than to watch the behind-bar TV.

Stay Patient, Attentive, and Interested In The Topic, however Unattractive It Is To You, knowing.

Sometimes in a group, when the chat drifts off to something that does not interest you, it is easy to switch off. Appear to be engrossed in the group chat, no matter what the discussion is about.

Even if you have to consciously make yourself keep tuned into the others in the group, make sure you stay connected to the conversation, chipping in when appropriate, or asking questions to show you are still listening.

Staying Humble and Accepting Some Pokes of Fun From The Group is One Way to Endear You To The Gang.

Eventually, and maybe sooner than you think, being the new guy in the crowd could mean you are the target of general jokes and teases as a part of the initiation ritual into the group. This is standard sociological behavior and not personal.

Whatever you call this, it is probably going to happen to you, the same as it did with the others. Don’t take things personally – they are testing you as the new guy, so don’t get upset, defensive, hurt or angry.

Pouting, sulking or going into a rage is not going to endear you to the group. So do yourself a favor and give them a funny comeback. Smiling and shaking your head whilst looking down is a good tactic here, it is not defensive and keeps you included in the circle and shows you are not offended. You should portray the sentiment of ‘You guys! You really got me, but I am not angry or upset’.

Another aspect of tolerance to practice is equally important. Often restaurants, bars and clubs can be packed with irritating and pretentious people, or be too noisy, too hot or full of morons you would not be seen dead with on usual occasions.

Lighten up and accept that sometimes the group will want to go to places like this. Accepting these petty annoyances with a gracious smile is just a part of hanging with the cool crowd. And increasing your social worth is your overall game plan so just grin and bear it.

Never Allow Disappointment Over Other People’s Attitudes to Get The Better Of You and Bring Your Reputation Down With Them.

Your standards and social values do not apply to everyone. There is often one in a group who is always late, or another unreliable person who, despite making what you thought were definite plans, turns out to be a no-show. Just accept it with grace.

Even though these types of behavior may be completely unacceptable to you, you have to learn to not let them get to you. Just accept that that is how some people are.

By not being like these flakes, you are going to distinguish yourself within the group as being reliable as well as popular, which can only be a good thing for your social prowess.

Keep in Mind that Like Most Things, Being Popular Has Its TRADE-OFFS and Spending A Bit More Is One Of Them.

No matter how cheap you are or how carefully you live, appearing to be overly ‘tight’ with money when you are with popular people is a huge mistake.

If you love saving your money so much that it is affecting your ability to join in with the popular folks, then you are not doing yourself any favor.

Most leisure pursuits cost money to some degree. Groups eat out together, they go to bars and clubs and sometimes they are going to want to go places where to you the cover charge seems daylight robbery. Try to train yourself not to be concerned about it. It is the price you pay for being with the popular crowd, but it will reap you huge rewards in the long term, both privately and professionally by marking you out as a member of one of the most socially desirable groups around. Think of it as a trade-off.

Being generous has a way of rebounding on you at the most unexpected times. Maybe you spend some extra cash on buying dinner for some guys without them asking. More often than not, the next time you are out, they will return the favor or keep you topped up with your favorite bourbon all night and paying for the taxi home.

Stay open-minded, and try not to dwell on holding a balance sheet in your head of who owes you what. It usually boils down to what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts.

Despite All The Possible Difficulties You May Encounter, remember to Keep Your Eyes On The PRIZE: The HOT Ladies You Like!

Sometimes the effort on your part to acquire better social skills and the opportunity to enhance your social reputation may be the last thing you feel like doing after a tough day at work.

But taking the time and effort to build a great reputation with others, to increase your social status in the eyes of those around you, will reward you in many ways and for years to come. It is well worth the investment of your time, energy and money.

Most women are attracted to guys who are thought highly of by others and who have a great reputation amongst friends and acquaintances. We all know the woman magnet that always has gaggles of women around him without seeming to put any effort into it at all. Having social prowess is his secret.

Follow these top ten tips above and soon that guy will be you!

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Surefire Subconscious Techniques to Infiltrate any Social Group

April 26, 2010 in | Casanova Dating and Attraction Techniques |, | Social Proof | by Casanova System

While working on elevating your social status, you may be invited along by someone you know to a group or party of others – none of whom you know.

Joining A Group Of People Who All Know One Another Is A Challenge that Could Be Overcome using Little Known Subconscious Techniques.

This could be an invite to a holiday party like Thanksgiving or to join in the weekly bowling club from a friend’s work colleagues. Everyone else knows each other, and you are the ‘new guy’. This can be daunting and even overwhelming if you are not accustomed to socializing with people that you do not know well.

Your aim here is to be accepted by the group, and to ‘fit in’ and get along with a new bunch of people and thus to expand your social network and increase your social value.

It is a little known fact that people respond to messages sent in various ways directly to their subconscious mind. These tried and tested techniques are centuries old and, when applied correctly, never fail. Women (and men for that matter) respond to the subliminal message without even realizing it.

Use these time tested techniques to get along with a new group and learn how to be welcomed into their circle of friends, making your own social value explode…

To Fit In Any Gathering of People, you’ve Got To Be Interested in What They Do—or at least Interested In Learning It.

One of the most powerful social techniques you can use apart from confidence is adapting your attitude to suit the social group you are trying to be accepted by.

Good observational skills are necessary for you to find out what attributes you need for the group to generally accept you. But often it is pretty obvious what skills and attitude you are going to need in order to participate in the group.

If you are invited to go bowling, then it would help if you enjoy it and have some experience. If bowling bores you to tears and you just cannot see the point of it, then it may be better to decline this particular invitation. The underlying suggestion to the invite is that you are welcome to join in if you would like to take part.

Adopting the Appropriate Attitude that is Required For That Specific Occasion is the Key to Joining That Group Of People.

If you are invited to a friend’s family’s Thanksgiving Dinner, then a different attitude and social skills will be required. Obviously in this situation it is important that you are well mannered, do not eat like a slob and are respectful and friendly towards your friend’s family.

Any Don Juan who Wishes To Fit In Any Social Group should Learn to NOT to Appear as ‘Too Available’.

In either case, it is important that you adopt the appropriate attitude for whatever social occasion arises. It does not mean that you approach the group in an aggressive manner or in a bad mood. Your aim should be to appear as a very nice guy in all respects. You need to look approachable, but not too available.

If you catch someone staring at you in response to your confident manner and correct attitude, the mere hint of a smile should pique their interest and stimulate them into wanting to know you more. Appearing too available can be a big mistake.

Knowing Your SIMILARITIES With The People You Wish To Know Better is the first step in Building Relationships.

In a social environment, if you are invited along to a group meeting with a friend who is similar to yourself, then it is more than likely that you will find that you get along with his or her group of friends too.

The key to getting along with a group of people you do not yet know, is to find what you have in common with them. You do this by drawing them into interesting (but not intrusive) conversation. If you are speaking to a member of the opposite sex, pepper your conversation with the ‘trigger words’ you practiced before leaving home.
Including some of these vaguely suggestive words in light banter will have your companion giggling like a girl in no time.

POPULAR People Know The Importance of Being Well-Informed and Up-To-Date on Many Things in terms of Building One’s Social Circle.

Being in a new group situation is much easier if you are older and have considerable life experience. Your knowledge on a large variety of subjects will be useful to you in conversation and you will be able to empathize and get on with a far larger range of different types of personalities.

This is just one way that increasing your social circle benefits you throughout your life – it broadens your experience of people of all types, and increases your social worth.

You will also have a distinct advantage if you can talk about issues that are likely to be of interest to the group. No-one expects you to be an expert on everything, but a broad understanding of many varied subjects and being up to date with current affairs will serve you well and help you to contribute to the conversation, making your assimilation into the group seem simple.

Experienced Don Juans or Casanovas are aware of the benefits of listening attentively – particularly if it’s a woman talking.

There is nothing more attractive to a person (of either sex) than someone who appears interested in what they are saying, and appears to hang on every word they speak.

If you have ever seen a really beautiful woman with an incredibly ugly man, then probably that man (although he is less than physically perfect) is treating the woman like a princess and paying attention to what she is saying as well as providing what she needs by listening to everything she says.

No matter how stunning someone looks, it is the ultimate compliment you can pay them to appear to be as interested in their mind as you are in any other aspect of them.

Being Honest and Open in terms of Dealing with Other People will Earn You More Benefits Than You Could Think of.

In expanding your social network, you are boosting your social worth. There is very little that can compare to being known as an honest and open person for adding to your social desirability.

These are both seen as very desirable traits in a friend and will repay you time and time again, so it is well worth cultivating the habit if you want to gain a reputation as being honest, fair, reliable, and trustworthy. These are not traits that can be purchased in a store; they are invaluable social tools so take the time to master this approach.

If you have allowed yourself to become something of a technoholic person, with only online friends, it may be difficult for you to chance, but the effort is well worth it when you start enjoying the rewards of added social value.

A Clever Don Juan knows how to Appreciate and Acknowledge A Woman For Her Intelligence—and Reaps The Rewards of It!

Another secret to supercharging your social circle is intelligence. Talking to someone who is obviously intelligent, and who makes you seem intelligent, is a huge turn on. No matter what guys say, being dumb is a big turn off for many men. Someone who uses their innate intelligence in the right way can easily outmatch someone who may be better looking, just by using common sense and intelligence.

This is something that all men should take to heart – intelligent women really get a kick out of being around a man who makes them feel good about being intelligent themselves. This is such an important point that I would urge you to read it twice. Some cavemen types try to make women feel bad about being smart. The smarter guy knows that flattering a woman’s mind is the key to success.

Set yourself to Like The Person You Are Dealing With; then Your Actions Will Prove It, and Your Friends List will Keep Growing.

Be of the mindset that you genuinely want to get to know this person. Look on it more than just another conquest, find out what makes them tick, treat them with respect and show that you have a genuine liking for them.

This attitude and attention to detail will go a long way to scoring with a hottie, as well as gaining you genuine friends of both sexes, thus expanding your social circle.

Even if the person you are talking to may only turn out to be a quick fling, then show them genuine interest and respect, whether your aims are long or short term, to reap the rewards of a soaring social life.

In building your network of friends, it is Best to Fit In by Doing Things Similar To What They’re Doing.

Another point to consider in a group scenario: it is vital that you appear to be part of the group and not merely just being there in body when your mind is so obviously elsewhere.

If most of the people in the group are sitting around chatting in the den, go join in and take part. If most people are watching a ballgame on TV then go watch and join in, even if you hate sports. Don’t just stand on the sidelines, hunker down on the floor in front of the sofa and get involved with the game.

You will Gain Unwanted Attention (and a Bad Reputation) if you try to Stand Out by Doing Something Different.

Definite no-no’s when it comes to getting on in a group is to do something which others are not doing – like paying attention to the TV when it is obvious that no-one else is watching it. Reading the local paper or even scanning bookshelves while everyone else is chatting is another definite no-no.

The point to take on board here is that you have to make an effort to be included in the group activities, whatever they are, whether you love them or hate them. This tip alone will virtually guarantee that you will be considered part of the group after only a short time.

Chill, Be Yourself, and Stay Sober – Easy Steps that are Worth A Lot in the Long Run.

If you are just getting used to socializing with new groups, then you are bound to feel a certain amount of nervousness. This can come out in two ways – either you are so jittery and anxious that you can’t utter one word – or you ramble on inappropriately about something completely irrelevant.

The simple antidote to both these conditions is to just relax and be you. Take some big deep calming breaths and avoid consuming too much alcohol to ‘calm your nerves’. Nerves and booze can be a bad mix in new groups, especially when you are hoping to impress.

Remember that No One could Ever Please Everyone; so Maintain Your Confidence and Stay Mysterious to Entice Their Curiosity and Pique Their Interest.

Whoever this bunch of people are that you are hoping to be accepted by, you would do well to remember that they are all just people, like you. Some are going to like you and some are not, the same as some people like Thai food and some people do not.

You can’t please all the people all of the time so just be yourself, relax, and realize that you do not have to take the part of the clown to entertain everyone.

Maintaining an air of confidence with a slight air of aloofness will set you apart from the others, and is sure to catch the interest of others in the group. Return any smiles with a half smile, so that you give the impression you might be interested or you might not. Remember the old but true adage that people always want what they think they can’t have.

Never Jump Into Conclusions about Anyone You Have Just Met, because then You’ll Be Closing The Doors to a Possible Best Friend.

When you are first introduced to a new group of people, it is unlikely that you will automatically ‘click’ with all of them. There are bound to be people who appear to be arrogant, when in fact they may just be terribly shy and quiet. Others may seem to be too opinionated or noisy for your taste. Again, it could just be a case of nerves or anxiety.

Try to be open-minded and to give everyone a second chance since this is your first meeting. Perhaps the people you had instantly written off for various reasons are even more nervous than you?

Give yourself time to have conversations with as many of the group as you can before forming your impressions. Jumping to instant conclusions could mean you miss out of forming a friendship with someone who turns out to be a very interesting and like minded individual.

Remember that relationships take time to build and even if you are lucky enough to fit in fairly easily to a new group, the established members of the group are going to share past experiences and insider jokes that you are unaware of as a newcomer.

Take this in your stride and realize that by tackling group situations like this on a regular basis, you will become proficient and raise your social prowess and self-esteem to the ultimate point where you become a magnet in attracting other quality people into your life.

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Learn Subliminal Skills & See Your Social Value Skyrocket

April 26, 2010 in | Casanova Confidence |, | Casanova Dating and Attraction Techniques |, | Social Proof | by Casanova System

Our lives today are busier than ever. We have never been so connected – but at the same time so alone.

When did you last chat with your neighbors? Would you even recognize them? When did you last speak to someone in an elevator? Our world today is so manic and ‘online’ that many of us forget how to make and maintain contact with real people.

If you want to improve your Social Prowess, then you need to get off the computer and get out into the real world. Learn some of the subtle subliminal skills given here to really watch your social status sizzle.

To Maintain a Great Social Reputation, You Should Learn to Make The Right Decisions In The Blink Of An Eye.

Fitting in with a new group and getting people to like you wherever you are calls for the ability to assess a situation almost instantly and to think on your feet. These skills don’t come naturally to everyone, but they can be mastered with time and effort and the use of techniques that date back centuries.

There are some specific techniques, including powerful tactics that work at a subconscious level, which you can use to win friends and be accepted into any social circle you desire.

Follow these simple but subtle strategies to develop your social prowess and to ignite your social power…

You’ll Be Surprised with How Easy It Is to Make All the Ladies Invite You to Every Rendezvous in Town.

You’ve had a hard day; the last thing you feel like doing is putting all that effort in to going out socially. But saying ‘No’ too many times can cause the invitations to stop.

You will become known as that guy who can’t be bothered to make the effort, who is too lazy. They just won’t bother asking after awhile.

But the reverse is also true. Accept every invite, no matter how exhausted you are, even if you think it will be boring, make the effort and go. You just never know who you will meet. Things in life have a habit of happening at times when we least expect them to.

To be the Master of Social Prowess, Dating, and Everything Else, keep Doing It Until It Feels Like You’ve Been Doing It Forever.

You may feel that saying yes and smiling when all you really want is an early night is fake and contrived, and it may feel that way to start with. But once you put your mind to it and become pro-active at initiating conversations, it will seem like you have been doing it forever.

Watch out for the snowball effect in the opposite way – you may just run out of hours in the day to cram in all the invites from people who have heard you are a fun guy to be around, who attracts all the hotties to any gathering.

If You Wish to be a Don Juan or Casanova, you must Make Friends With All People, Whatever Their Gender Or Background.

If increasing your circle of friends is something that seems like climbing a mountain to you right now, then this is the way to tackle it. Step by step.

Instead of going out and looking for lifelong buddies, or the love of your life, start developing a circle of friends to simply ‘hang out’ with. Get to know other people without the burden of huge expectations.

Take things slowly and gradually get acquainted without the pressure of dating. Make friends with people of both sexes, and the dating side of things will automatically follow. As a new friend, you will have access to friends of friends, and that again increases your social value and may include several attractive women.

Build Your Body, as well as Your List Of Targets, by Getting Out and Joining More Social Activities.

Taking the time and effort to mix with real people socially has potentially huge rewards. From your new circle of friends, you could well be introduced to someone with whom you have an instant rapport or even that someone who turns out to become a very special person in your life.

Ways of making friends and increasing your circle of real people that are easy include signing up for a membership at the local gym or health spa. This will have the extra benefit of getting you out of the house as well as helping you get back into shape.

Simple topics for conversation openers include asking people about using a certain exercise machine, or enquiring how they stay in such great shape.

Include in your Every Destination the Goal of Meeting A New Person; Prepare for This by Knowing Interesting Topics to Discuss Beforehand.

Another strategy to build your confidence is just to get out of the house and away from your computer. Go mall walking, take a stroll in the park, or visit a library or a museum. These are simple but potent strategies.

Make a point of talking to at least one person in every place you visit. Even making a comment about the weather, or asking a question about a piece of art, can lead to interesting conversations.

If nothing else works then these simple steps on the road to recovering your social status and building upon it will build your self-confidence and force you out of the rut you have fallen into. These strategies will also help you stop seeing yourself as a friendless loser who hangs around home all the time.

Hanging Out in The Right Places will Help You Get Back On The Road as a Popular Don Juan or Casanova.

If you have become so reclusive, computer-oriented, and are generally shy around real people and just not used to mixing socially anymore, it is time to get back into the scene.

To start with, go to places where other people with similar interests to your own hang out. You will find it easier to make friends and acquaintances when you know that the people you are with already share a mutual interest.

There are plenty of chances to do this, from chatting with other supporters at your local ballgame, to going back to school part-time to improve your professional skills.

Incorporating ‘Trigger Words’ into Innocuous Daily Conversations is An Art that Any Casanova- or Don Juan-Wannabe could Learn to Hone His Craft.

The subliminal use of trigger words is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries by those with morals and those without, including all kinds of priests.

The trick is to use provocative words in an innocent way. If the target of your chat is halfway literate, and no matter how attractive or beautiful you are, they will ignite a subconscious fire. This technique does involve some background work, selecting the words you are going to use, checking their meaning and memorizing them, so you can slip them into seemingly innocent chat.

Make The Ladies Come To You by Mastering How To INNOCENTLY Include Double-Meaning Words Into Normal-Day Conversations.

An example of a ‘trigger word’ which you may want to use while chatting to a hottie is the seemingly innocent word ‘come’. Use this word repeatedly in sentences that are slightly implying an innuendo for maximum effect. For example, when inviting the lady to sit down on the sofa beside you, you could murmur “Come – sit beside me so we can chat”. Or perhaps “What makes you come to places like this? Why is golf so appealing to you?”

Practise makes perfect your skill of making ladies ‘come’ to you—you’ll know you’re on track if you can make them laugh.

Subliminal messages like this work at a subconscious level and may invoke a giggle as an acknowledgement of your slightly provocative statement. Making people feel happy enough to laugh is the aim here – as master practitioners of this arcane skill know how to manipulate words to their advantage.

Make Every Occasion to Meet People a Learning Opportunity To Help You On The Road to Eventually Becoming A Certified Don Juan or Casanova.

Cultivating your social prowess is essential. Keep practicing your social skills whenever the chance presents itself so that they come easy and you are not tongue-tied when you meet someone new you whom would like to get to know better.

Whatever the chat is about, keep it positive and smile now and again. Slip in the odd ‘trigger word’ to work for you on their subconscious mind. Remember to maintain eye contact while doing this. But when initiating new conversations, do remember that listening is just as important.

Friendships involve give and take and your ears are a very valuable asset when building your social reputation and value.

It’s Time to Take Advantage of This Age of Quick Communication And High Technology to Increase Your Circle Of Potential Dates.

The number of single adults is on the increase. People are marrying later, divorcing more frequently and women are following their own careers for longer.

The number of people from which to expand your social circle has never been larger. The suffocating rules of etiquette from the past have dropped away and now everyone is available to everyone else. Most everyone is connected.

Staying home and becoming best friends with your computer will mean you lack social skills and limit your circle of connections and therefore limit your own opportunities to ensure you are available to others.

Being socially pro-active means taking the initiative. It means starting conversations with strangers and once you get into the habit it will soon feel natural.

Asking For Help is an Extremely Humble Yet Sure-Fire Way of Getting Any Lady to Spend Some Time With You.

Most people like to help out others – it makes them feel good about themselves. A good way to start a conversation is by asking for help. It goes without saying that you are polite and courteous.

Every time you go to the store to pick up groceries, make yourself ask another shopper to help you with something – whether it is about which types of spices go into a curry or what toppings to use on a pizza.

A bonus to this practice is that markets are almost always full of women who are usually only too pleased to help out a guy in distress on ‘their’ territory. Again slipping in one or two subliminal ‘trigger words’ during the conversation will add value and subtle spice to the conversation.

Confidence is The Strong Magnet that Pulls All Sorts Of People toward Wanting To Know Better The Irresistibly Charming Man.

There is nothing that is more attractive to women than a confident man; indeed it is the most important subliminal messages a man (or a woman) can use. This is one of the best and easiest subliminal techniques to use.

When you enter a room, do it as if you are brimming over with confidence. It will feel fake, to start with, but you will soon get into the part. Be supremely confident and this will radiate like silent radio messages to everyone in the room. Under no circumstance should you let the façade slip. Be firm, decisive, and in-control. Never let even a hint of fear surface. Mastering your confidence will lead to mastering others.

Take Your Interactive And Social Skills to A Higher Level by Getting to Know New People Who Have Different Backgrounds And Interests From Yours.

Surrounding yourself with people who are from a similar background to you with similar interests will definitely impede your personal growth and therefore limit your social worthiness and value to others. After awhile, you will see that these types of people are too easy for you. It is time to move on.

After you are comfortable in this persona, next it is time to build on your new found confidence and challenge yourself to something more adventurous, to push yourself that bit further.

Embrace new situations and approach different types of people. Being socially desirable usually means that one has the ability to mix with all levels of people in society, from the woman in the supermarket to the chairman of the board.

Get Out of Your ‘Comfort Zone’ by Using ‘Trigger Words’ and Capture the Crowd Of Ladies With Your Adaptive Personality.

So next time you find yourself in a situation where you are out of your ‘comfort zone’, make the effort to open some conversations. You simply never know where they may lead, or whom they may lead you to. Use your new found skills of ‘trigger words’ and acting as if you ‘own the room’ you have just entered. Confidence breeds confidence and will open up all kinds of avenues you never dreamed would be possible.

Be creative and adapt to your surroundings in your approach but make sure that your subject is relevant to the life of the person you hope to be chatting with.

This chameleon-like behaviour is ideal for building your social reputation and is something you should aim to master to build upon your social worth.

You can Start Scoring A Handful Of Women by First Knowing Yourself and Acknowledging/Affirming All Your Positive And Likeable Qualities.

Going into a room of people where you don’t know anyone can be daunting. Your first instinct is to run, but you should resist and view this as a chance to extend your social circle and to meet new interesting people (maybe even a hottie or two). Strut your stuff even though you don’t feel like it and inside are a quivering mess. Exude confidence and every person in the place will want to be in your company.

Instead of heading straight for the snacks or the bar, go to the bathroom and assess yourself. You are well dressed, good-looking, and personable. Take some deep breaths, and know that you look good. This will boost your confidence and make you instantly more self-assured and calm.

Just Tell People You’re Interested To Know All Of Them (males and females alike) and They’ll Surely Be Interested In You Too.

If you learn only one strategy today then make sure this is it. Scan the room for a bunch of people of both sexes chatting and laughing. Take a deep breath or two and then approach the group decisively.

Don’t contrive any fake line, just be honest and say that you don’t know anyone in the room and you would like to be introduced to everyone in the circle. Make sure that your confident persona does not slip, and maintain eye contact when talking to the group. Glance from person to person, so they all feel included in your request and keep breathing regularly and deeply with a semi-smile on your face.

You will get instant kudos from these strangers (who will soon be your new friends) for being honest and having the guts to approach a bunch of strangers in what could have been an awkward and difficult social situation.

If you want to Make A Positive Impression On People, Give Positive Comments on Whatever Or Whoever Is Truly Commendable.

Positive remarks always make great icebreakers. If there’s an awkward silence in the beginning of a meeting, compliment one of the women on her sense of style.

If you’re strapped for conversation at a birthday party, make a remark about the stunning dress the birthday girl is wearing, or how the music makes you feel like dancing.

Make Use of Your Strong Senses (Particularly Your Sight) to Draw Other People’s Own Senses Toward You.

Especially with conversation starters, stay away from negative comments. Staying upbeat and positive will lead those in the group to see you as a friendly, easygoing individual and will want them to get to know you better.

These are all traits that will elevate your social standing very quickly. Also, pay attention to unique items that the people in the group may be wearing. They are always great subjects for conversation starters. Now is a great time to insert some subliminal trigger words – such as ’sensual’ as in “Those earrings are so sensual, they make me want to touch them.”

At Least One Of The People There Matches Your Interests; You Need to Be Courageous to Discover Who It Is.

Although starting a conversation with someone you do not know can be intimidating, try to remember that everyone in the room is feeling very much like you. There are very few natural ’social butterflies’ and most people have to really force themselves to be socially aware and to interact especially with strangers.

There is a strong chance that there is at least one person in the room who has similar interests to you and definitely has many things in common with you. The trick is to find that mutual thread and build upon it. Once you have mastered this skill, you will wonder why you were so worried about it in the first place.

Remembering People’s Names is One of The First Steps to Making A Good Impression On All Your Co-Workers.

Whatever your line of work, whether an office job or working part time, it is very important to know how to get along with your colleagues and coworkers.

A good start is by remembering people’s names, even if you don’t see them that often or work directly with them. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and a huge smile to the other workers on your floor even if you don’t have anything work related to discuss.

Use simple tricks to remember peoples names if you are bad at it. For example, that woman named Elize. Think of something that will make you link something to that name such as “Easy Elize.”

A Smile and A Few Other Small Gestures could Bring You Better Relationships and More Opportunities In Work and Beyond.

Next comes a deceptively simple trick to quick popularity that is often overlooked, but being friendly and smiling a lot will boost your popularity rating fast and is a surefire way to get people to remember you, and to like you. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, make an effort. It will be well worth your while.

At meetings, make sure that you participate, even though you may be bored to tears. If a colleague is talking, look at them and nod occasionally, so they (and the others at the meeting) think you are fully engaged and being an attentive listener.

As ever, enforcing your vocal participation with body language confirms your interest. Opening your eyes wide whilst looking at the speaker indicates strong interest and support, especially in conjunction with nodding.

Narrowing your eyes and shaking your head suggests disbelief and disapproval. Showing interest in your colleagues’ ideas and taking an apparently active interest in their perspective will pay off later.

They will remember your support when it is your turn to give a presentation, or when you are telling a joke at the water fountain, and return the favor – at the very least.

Remember The Importance Of Friendships In Current Times; Never Underestimate The Good Things that Friends Could Bring Into Your Life.

If you are beginning to realize that you don’t have close friends anymore, then maybe it is time to assess your real values and priorities in life. Are you spending your time wisely and is your lifestyle getting you the quality of life you want?

Look at your schedule and make sure you allow adequate time for the people and things that are the most important to you in your life.

Recent studies have shown the sociological trend of people turning more and more to friends rather than to family, for support and mutual sharing.

This has lead to more and more people realizing that they need to widen their circle of friends and has raised the importance of keeping friendships alive and growing.

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